Nurmuiža: jaunatklāta milestība

This is an interview with Oleg Fils, a Latvian businessman and owner of the Nurmuiza manor estate. Twenty years ago, Oleg decided to purchase and restore the dilapidated 16th-century Nurmuiza manor house and grounds. Over the past two decades, he has slowly and painstakingly worked to conserve and reconstruct over 30 buildings on the estate. He describes the challenges of restoring the manor house foundation, finding historical documents and photos to guide the renovation, and giving new purposes to the buildings like turning the old tavern into a restaurant. The manor now hosts events and weddings and has a hotel. Oleg reflects that this project has never been about making money but preserving history and finding joy and meaning in the process. While the work is endless, he is proud to have brought Nurmuiza back to life and to share it with visitors.