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Welcome to Nurmuiža Restaurant, where under the guidance of our head chef, local high-quality ingredients, products from world-class suppliers, and the bounties of the Nurmuiža gardens are transformed into culinary masterpieces. To complement these dishes, we offer a selection of exquisite wines, champagnes, cocktails, and other beverages.
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Local delicacies

Indulge in the exquisite menu of Nurmuiža Restaurant, where culinary artistry meets the bounties of nature. Drawing inspiration from the castle’s gardens and the finest local producers of Kurzeme region, our dishes are a celebration of exceptional taste. Each plate tells a story, crafted with passion and using the freshest ingredients sourced from our own gardens and the surrounding area. To complement your dining experience, we offer an extensive wine list featuring exclusive vintages and a selection of other delightful beverages. Get ready to embark on a gastronomic adventure that will tantalize your taste buds and fill your heart with joy and merriment.

Restaurant buildings

Indulge in a gastronomic journey amidst the enchanting ambience of Nurmuiža Castle. Our castle complex boasts several exquisite locations where you can relish delectable cuisine, unwind with refreshing drinks, and revel in the sheer magnificence of the surroundings. 

Main restaurant with terrace

Restaurant Nurmuiža
250 m2
90 persons


170 m2
60 persons

Celebration Hall

700 m2
300 persons


2000 m2
30 persons

Herb garden

600 m2
30 persons

The herb garden is another green feature of the estate that we take pride in. There are no surviving documentary records of its historical appearance during the time of the barons, so we had to reinvent it from scratch. All the herbs grown in the garden are used in the culinary masterpieces of the restaurant.

We decided to create the garden in a circular shape and filled it with blooming lavender, over ten varieties of mint, berries, flowers, and even pumpkins and watermelons.


14 persons

Two gazebos are available for private events – one in the castle park and another by the pond, where you can host small celebrations, romantic dinners, or photo sessions.


Satisfy your visual appetite and feast your eyes on our elegant restaurant.


The Menu

Past event

Easter Brunch “A La Carte”
🥚 Egg rolling and egg battles
🐰 Searching for chocolate eggs in the territory of the castle
🍸Special Easter cocktails.

Past event

We invite you to an unprecedented dinner under the guidance of hostess and culinary enthusiast Santa Miķelsone and Nurmuiža restaurant chef Yuri Benko!

Past event

We invite you to a spooky but delicious 5-course Halloween dinner at Nurmuiža! 👻🎃🔪 We’ll also take a horror walk around the castle, because it’s on Halloween night that all the ghosts wake up…

Past event

An elegant celebration awaits you with fine wines, champagnes, delicious dinners and other surprises from the owners of the estate! 🏰👨‍🍳🎤🪩