Kristīne Jelinska: „Rūpīga un mīlestības pilna Nurmuižas atjaunošana”

Summary of the article: Kristine Jelinska has transformed the historic Nurmuiza Manor in Latvia from a modest idea into a renowned cultural heritage site and brand-attracting guests. Over the past 20 years since entrepreneur Oleg Fils acquired the once-dilapidated complex, it has been meticulously restored to its former splendour. Nurmuiza now boasts high-end dining, a hotel, an orangery for weddings, and a spa, all staffed by devoted local employees. The manor utilizes its own farm produce and holds an annual Harvest Festival celebrating the grape harvest. With numerous cultural monuments, Nurmuiza stands as Latvia’s grandest manor project, painstakingly revived by its hands-on owner. Under Kristine’s leadership as the public face, this former ruin has blossomed into a national treasure.